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JOBS - A detailed description of the multitude of jobs offered your character, as well as the abilities that come with them.

ABILITIES - A list of the different abilities offered to your characters and their effects.

ENEMIES - The fantastic, majestic creatures that roam the land, and what you get when you kill them. (under construction)

TIPS - Any sort of general advice for mastering the game goes here.

MAP - Where is that boss you heard about? The nearest temple? Look here!


July 29 - All Caught Up
  • Finished updates for patch 1.0.16. Jobs page is complete, with some minor upgrades for some of the jobs listed. Tips and Abilities pages have had a few things added, as well.

July 27 - I'm gone!
  • Started updates for patch 1.0.16. Map updated with new locations. Working on a new job page.

March 21 - I'm back!
  • Started updates for patch 1.0.14. Some classes now have abilities up to level 200. Brave class updated with new abilities.

February 15
  • Updated artwork, fixed lots of broken images for the JOBS page (WARNING: There are still lots more broken ones).

February 14
  • Added Job information for WEREWOLF and SUMMONER.

February 12
- Version 1.0.12 is out!
  • Added map information for the two new bosses.

February 10
  • Added Job information for SCHOLAR, CAVALRY, and SAGE.

February 8 - Updates Started for version 1.0.11
  • Added map information for the two new bosses.

February 2
  • Added information about physical damage formulas to the tips page.

January 31
  • Added nearly every enemy to the enemies page.

January 28 - Updates started for version 1.0.10
  • Updated the map to reflect new bosses and areas.
  • Added tips regarding experience levels, unique weapons, and more.
  • Added a new abilities section.
  • Added Job information for SNIPER.

January 27
  • Added Job information for EVERYONE ELSE.

January 26
  • Added Job information for DRAGOON.

January 25
  • Added Job information for GHOST, TAMER, DWARF.

January 19
  • Added Job information for SMITH, KAPPA.
  • Added a very small number of general Tips.
  • Added a very small number of Enemies.

January 17
  • Added Tips section of the site.
  • Added Job information for WIZARD, PRIEST, and NECRMNCR.

January 16
  • Added Job information for MONK, VAMPIRE, and KEKKAISHI.

January 15
  • Added Job information for RAVER.