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Using Weapons
Damage Formulas
Experience Levels
General Tips


If you've played any of the earlier Moititi games (MinuteQuest or Minute Dungeon), you'll know that tapping on your screen will swing any weapon you have. Things are a little different in Minute Frontier:

SWORD: The sword has two attack styles. By tapping once (or tapping and holding), your character will wind up and perform an attack. If you tap again while your character is winding up, they will interrupt themselves and swing quickly for ~45% of the damage of the original attack.

KNIFE: Tap and it strikes. No frilly extra stuff.

HAMMER: Tap and the hammer winds up for a few seconds, releasing in a large amount of damage. If you tap while the hammer is winding up, however, you can increase the final damage output by 1/6 the base damage. The winding up has no limit; the hammer will delay its attack until you stop tapping to wind-up.

SPEAR: Tapping while equipped with the spear does nothing. Holding one of the buttons down, however, winds up the spear. Releasing the button releases the spear, with the damage based on how much time was taken winding the spear up.

BOW: When you get close to an enemy, an arrow (haha) runs along the length of the bow. The more towards the center of the bow you tap, the stronger a hit you make.

STAFF: Tapping with the staff winds up and releases a magic attack for lots of damage. When you first tap, a little elemental picture appears -- this is the element your attack will be using. If you wish to change the element being used, tap again. The element will change, but the attack will reset.

DICE: When you get close to an enemy, a number appears over your head. Tapping will release an attack with damage related to the number you just rolled (higher numbers = stronger attacks).

NOTE: Different characters have unique versions of certain weapons. Some of these changes are cosmetic, while others add an element as well. The additional element adds damage tied to your character's INT.


All physical weapons (SWORD, KNIFE, SPEAR, HAMMER, BOW) follow the same formula:

Damage = Weapon Base * (POW + (Weapon Level * 2)) * Weapon Bonus * (Physical Attack Up * 1.025)

The Weapon Bases for the weapons are as follows:

SWORD: 2 for the big attack, 0.9 for the little attack
KNIFE: 0.8
HAMMER: 1.5 + .5 for every tap (1 tap = 2, 2 taps = 2.5, etc.)
SPEAR: up to 3.6 (based on time held)
BOW: up to 3.6 (based on aim)

The STAFF follows the same formula, replacing INT for POW, Magic Attack for Physical Attack, and with a base of 12.

The DICE have their own, much more complex formula:

DICE Damage = ((DICE Level * 32 / 3) + ((POW + LUK * 2) * 13 / 6)) * Weapon Bonus * (Physical Attack Up * 1.025) * (Roll / 6)

The important part to know is that LUK doubles the damage increase POW does, and DICE level increases damage by more than double what LUK does.

Elements that are added to weapons increase damage by (INT / 5).


To get from level 1 to 2, you need to get 4 experience points (you earn this after your first two kills). After that, your character needs (10 * current experience level) experience points to reach the next level.

Your pet levels up differently: They need experience points equal to their current level * their total stat values. For example: an ANT (an enemy that has 1 point in all 7 stats) would need 700 points to go from level 100 to level 101. A CHAMELEON (whose stats total 33) would need 3300.


• Want to level up like the rest of us? Put a spoon on your phone. I mean it. By setting only the spoon-y part of a metal spoon on your phone (and leaving the handle off to rest on the table/ground/whatever), you'll automatically advance your character left/right based on the side of the screen your spoon is resting on.

• If you're having trouble with a boss, you can leave the area he's in and come back. He will still have the same HP while you have the chance to recover (as long as you don't die).

• If you die in a higher level world (World 2+) and lose your pet, you can go to World 1 and reclaim it at or around the same location you lost him.

• Your pet's main stats are their POW, SPD, and INT (if they have an elemental attack). Make sure you keep one with high values in each.